Alex Lober is a mother of 2 boys and a successful entrepreneur with a background in coaching and training youth at the highest levels of achievement.  She has a deep desire for seeing children and young adults discover a better way and develop a thirst for knowledge.

Her personal history growing up gave her an entirely different, powerful perspective that she brings into her current practice embracing the concept that challenge provides opportunity. She has an intimate understanding of internal drive and motivation, knowing what it takes to be on top, and how to achieve it.

 She has altruistic views, is a philanthropist and believes that all humanity deserves an equal chance no matter what they have been through or where they have come from. You can learn more about our work, vision, and mission statements.



Alex has outstanding managerial expertise; knowing what it takes to be successful, and how to create, achieve and maintain it.  She single handedly developed the program and propelled it into excellence for over 16 years.  Alex finds great joy in facilitating outstanding results in her program, staff and students.  Alex always provides meaningful lesson content to her coaching staff and students.  She is dedicated to enhancing each individual's personal power and sense of fulfillment.  She embraces the concept that challenge provides opportunity.


Alex has over 35 years' experience as a gymnastics coach. Alex has extensive experience and a deep understanding of the value of empowering people through instruction, guidance and accountability. She also understands how to adapt coaching principles and has a proven record of understanding and achieving personal excellence.


Alex has over 28 years’ experience as an International Gymnastics Judge, where she has represented Australia in 18 countries. She has a proven record and an appreciation for being able to measure results and performance, along with the ability to bring fair grading across international lines. At the time, she was the youngest to receive her FIG License with her first International competition in Macau when she was only 21 years of age.


Alex has a deep desire for seeing children and young adults discover a better way for themselves. She understands the importance of ‘paying it forward’ She is passionate about facilitating and encouraging youth to develop a thirst for knowledge.  She connects to, and has complete compassion for community.  Images here are of a trip to Huarez in Peru - visiting Jim and his wonderful vision in helping children through his organisation 'Changes For New Hope'.  Alex's intention to donate annually to his cause and visit as often as possible. She also donates to 'Police Welfare Foundation', and is a registered and active member for 'Lost Pet Finders''.


Alex has an infinite supply of energy and an inexhaustible desire to face any challenge presented to her. From bungee jumping, climbing Mount Machu Picchu to swimming with wild dolphin in the ocean!  In doing so, she has embraced life completely and has an intimate understanding of internal drive, endurance, persistence and motivation.

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Alex has written and co-illustrated a gorgeous children's picture book, called 'Ant's Pants, Bee's Knees & Caterpillar Dreams'.  This is no ordinary book!  

"This book contains real-life messages that any child can relate to.  Children will learn from the characters by imagining what it would be like to be each character; thereby, gaining different perspectives for real-life situations.  In doing so, they learn to empathize with people with different points of view, different backgrounds, different cultures and different countries. This leads to an appreciation and understanding of how to positively enhance their own lives and the world they live in.  

This book will help them grow as individuals and, broaden their perspectives in life.  And, perhaps most importantly, your dialogue will pave the way for them to form a deeper connection with their own identity, creativity and imagination."   ~ Bob Proctor,  Best selling author, You Were Born Rich 

"Ant's Pants, Bee's Knees and Caterpillar Dreams’ is a beautifully written children's book which deals with issues of personal identity. In such a world where being yourself is so difficult, this amazing book gives a whimsical insight into finding your own and coming to terms with the amazing qualities that each 'insect' has to offer. A must read with a great hidden issue that I will be sure to read to my children."   ~ Jamie-Leigh Russell – Creative & Performing Arts Teacher and Parent, Sydney, Australia