Our unique 12-month online personal development and success education curriculum teaches and enhances individual success. The course is easy to follow, with the back-up videos, audios, and a unique journal system, and a social media platform (members only). This course is accredited, and is a multi-award winning product - enhancing the lives of thousands of students worldwide. The skills tools and knowledge attained from this course contribute towards a master’s degree."


In May 2012, a recognised UK University accepted and offered our curriculum as an accredited postgraduate, distance-learning course.  The skills, tools and knowledge acquired from our Personal Development & Success Education Course counts toward a postgraduate Master’s Degree.

It is important to note that for groups we will customize and brand the curriculum specifically for your institution.

Whenever there are technical updates, improvements or content additions, all users of the curriculum will receive ongoing updates for no extra charge.  This provides incredible constant benefit for the students, and allows them to continue to learn and develop themselves.

Students learn to become self-reliant upon graduation, which is one of the greatest forms of education that we can provide.  It is exciting to be a part of something worthwhile and something that is making a difference in so many students’ lives.


The course is divided into three (3) main sections, with a separate small introductory booklet.  Each guidebook is sequential  which allows the individual student to progress at their own pace.




PART 1 - DEPARTURE - Building Self-Awareness & Vision



PART 2 - DECISION - Building Courage & Decisiveness



PART 3 - ACTION - Building Persistence & Resilience