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Documentary about progress & challenges of children Autism Spectrum Disorder

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Narrated by Annie Potts, produced, directed and edited by Alex Rotaru, in association with iFavor Entertainment.  This documentary follows the progress and challenges of a group of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, aged eleven to nineteen, as they engage in an intensive film camp taught by national award-winning educator, Brad Koepenick and organized by foundation Actors for Autism and its founder, Alisa Wolf. 

In five short, overwhelming days, Brad battles the communication challenges that these often-brilliant children face - to teach them storytelling, writing, acting, improvisation, stop animation, music cueing and voice-over techniques.

At the end of the week, each student authors two short animation films; in addition, a live action, class project is shot and completed. All projects are screened for the children and their parents on the fifth day.



This 80 minute documentary is the second film from award-winning documentary filmmakers Steven C. Barber and Tamara Henry, is an inspirational story that chronicles the exploits of 31 paraplegics for six days, as they make their way in wheelchairs and hand cycles in the toughest road race in the world.

The course winds 267 miles though the mountain passes of Denali National Park between Fairbanks and Anchorage. The film takes us into the 55 mile-per-day grind of three wheelchair racers. The story transitions midway through as the filmmaker follows the elite racers of the U.S. Paralympics squad, Oz Sanchez (current Paralympic gold medalist and fastest man in the world in a hand cycle) and Alejandro Albor (Paralympic silver medalist) in their quest to medal at the 2008 Beijing Paralympics. Written by Anonymous