What is Personal Development?

Personal Development of:

1)  SELF: - Personal development simply stated is the study of ones-self. Examining the way we feel, think and act.

2)  OTHERS: - However, personal development is not limited to self-help, but includes formal and informal activities for developing others in roles such as teacher, guide, counselor, manager, life coach or mentor.

3)  INSTITUTIONS/BUSINESSES/CORPORATE: - When personal development takes place in the framework of institutions/businesses/corporate, it refers to the skills, tools, methods, programs, techniques, and assessment systems that support developing individual human potential.

Personal development can begin at any age and it is a life-long process. It takes time, regularity, persistence and patience.

What is Success Education?

Success and or leadership Education is a training system that delivers success strategies and mindset training to businesses, organisations and the individual to change and improve lives and performance in any area you choose.

What is the Product about?

Our Personal Development & Success Education 12-month online course is unique and a very different kind of personal development available.

Learn the secrets of creating personal success and make a quantum leap in personal power and effectiveness. Start getting the results you deserve out of life, build wealth, create empowering relationships and learn how to build your life around what is important to you.


The course also contains web-based audios, videos, guidebooks and a journal system as well as our private social network.


The course will take you on a journey of integrating new concepts and principles proven to create significant positive change into your life.  


This course puts you into your power and increases your leadership skills. It dramatically improves your ability to proactively make more empowering decisions and leave old counterproductive thinking and habits in the past.

This course is very results oriented offering exercises and learning in a very specific order to maximise the results students get on their overall life skills and satisfaction.

What separates this product from others in the same industry?

Our product is complete, it is in a specific order, it is fun and engaging and everyone becomes a member of our amazing and uplifting community. Our product works – a recent survey showed that students of our course show an average of a remarkable 75% improvement in 16 Advanced Success Skills categories.


Where is the personal development & success education industry heading?

The personal development and success industry is in its infancy. Experts predict that it will continue at or exceed its current 11.3% annual growth for the next 20 years. Currently we are the top in our field in product value, management experience and business ethics.


Does the company or its products endorse any political or religious agenda?

No.  The company, and its flagship product, is neutral with respect to political and religious views.  It does not support or endorse any particular party or faith-based belief system.  The product is designed to work on a personal level regardless of the individual's background or faith.

Is this a Retail Product or a Business Opportunity?

Both.  The Product is available for retail purchase for those who want to experience its personal and educational benefits and/or gain credits toward an advanced degree in personal leadership development.  It is also a business opportunity for those interested in becoming a licensed reseller of the product.  Free training and support is provided for those participating in the business opportunity.

Where is the Product being sold?

Our products are currently being sold in over 50 countries worldwide.

How many customers have used this product?

To date over 50,000 customers have used it and/or its first generation product.

How long has this company been in business?

The personal development course has been developed over time for the last 10 years, and the business began in April, 2010.

How can someone tell whether an online business is worthwhile?

There are several clear ways:
  1)  A worthwhile business always focuses on having unique and well-developed product line
  2)  Receives third party validation and recognition from awards and reviews
  3)  Makes no promises of automated systems that make money for you while you sleep
  4)  Allows no profit earned solely for signing up others into 'the business'
  5)  Provides strong training and support
  6)  Creates working relationships with real people whose name and phone number/s you have access to
  7)  Shows an obvious dedication to professionalism and quality
  8)  Demonstrates a strong focus on product sales in addition to recruiting new resellers
  9)  Make no promises or guarantees of income
10)  Makes common sense

Have you got other questions not explained here?

Contact me and I am more than happy answer any questions you may have.

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